Volt compatibility with DC transformers/controllers?

Discussion in 'Ask' started by dmajka, Jun 19, 2019.

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  1. dmajka

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    Jun 19, 2019
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    Do Volt lighting fixtures using LED bulbs support DC transformers/controllers?

    I've been considering purchasing a Kichler Design Pro LED controller so I can do zoned lighting, but it's a DC transformer. In the thread below about the FX Luxor controller, you state that Volt requires 12V AC. However, I saw elsewhere on the forums where Volt guys (Alan B. and steveparrott) explicitly argue that 12V DC should work fine with LED bulbs. Their comments are actually on a thread about the Kichler controller.

    Alan B says: "A DC based system will be able operate anyones LEDs so it is not limiting (other than you cant use halogen). If you have an LED lamp or fixture that is meant for AC it will have a rectifier (as mentioned by others) and when DC power enters it it will try and convert the AC to DC but since the current is already DC the rectifier wont do anything and the LED will work properly. The only thing you will not be able to add to their system is an AC based lamp (ie halogen)"

    With LEDs, I'm guessing landscape lighting might eventually move more towards DC-based transformers which allow for smarter controllers (like the landscape transformer Ring that just put out which works for their system), so I'd love to know if it's something specifically about Volt fixtures which won't work w/ DC transformers, or if it's really an LED/halogen issue. I'd hate to invest in Volt now but be prevented from upgrading to a smarter transformer down the line.

  2. Evan Kruk

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    Jul 27, 2018
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    Hey there dmajka,

    Thank you for reaching out. Whether it is a/c or d/c power, our Lamp Ready fixtures are designed to be used in low voltage outdoor applications. However, our Integrated LED fixtures are specked out for use with a low voltage magnetic core a/c transformer. The limitation of which power source to use is the result of the LED bulb and not the fixture. Our Led bulbs are Specked out to be used only with a magnetic core a/c low voltage transformer. While many of our customers have successfully used our LED bulbs with d/c and non-magnetic core transformers, we do not support, nor have we tested or specifically designed our bulbs to be used in that way. Unpredictable results may surface, such as shortened life span, flickering, dimming, or not work at all.