Uplight large Oak Trees, sale today

Discussion in 'Ask the Landscape Lighting Experts' started by Tcam, Nov 29, 2021.

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  1. Tcam

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    Nov 29, 2021
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    Hello. Trying to take advantage of the sale today. Last year I used Volt Lighting around my home and pool, now I want to uplight several of my large Oak Tree in the front yard, and one for the flag pole. The trees range from 30' to 40' tall and wide. The flag pole is 30'. I will be ordering 30 lights for trees and 1 for the flag. I'm having a hard time deciding which would be best, lumens, etc. I had chosen the Infiniti 60 G4, but then I called to place the order, they recommended the All Star for ease of changing the bulb. Now I'm confused. I'd like a nice soft glow, nothing harsh. Thoughts or suggestions? I plan to attach the lights to the trunks, about four feet from the ground.
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  2. Evan K

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    Jul 27, 2018
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    Designing something of this magnitude is preferential and largely based on budget and what lighting effect you desire.

    In my personal opinion, for this many large trees I'd be looking to use as few fixtures as possible for the maximum effect essentially - I'd consider PAR36 uplights myself.

    Fixtures such as the Ground Hog PVC PAR36 In-Ground Well Light or the Commercial PAR36 In-Ground Well Light can offer the best of both - widespread output with the powerful illumination needed to even subtledly accent such large trees.

    We offer various wattages and beam spreads for our LED PAR36 bulbs as well - 5W, 6W, 9W, 12W & 15W. If you're looking for more subtle output like you mentioned, you'd likely consider the 6W-9W range. 2700K is the most common color temperature. 60-degree beam spreads would likely be ideal for the large canopies as well.

    *I sent you a direct message regarding the recent promotion we had as well.