Suggestions For Little Mount Vernon

Discussion in 'Share' started by Dwight Neil, Sep 8, 2021.

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  1. Dwight Neil

    Dwight Neil New Member

    Sep 8, 2021
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    My wife and I are restoring this home in Eutawville SC. Even though we're not done we do have a few spotlights on the North front (columns) and I'd love to go ahead and get it lighted better with low voltage wash and floods maybe. Maybe second floor roof with cupola lit lightly?? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    LMVSouthFront.jpg LMVNorthFront.jpg
  2. Evan K

    Evan K Community Admin Staff Member

    Jul 27, 2018
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    Hey Dwight,

    Sorry for the delay - these posts are more visible in the 'Ask' area of the forums where most users are active.

    I'd be happy to help with some general recommendations for placement. I included a screenshot of the image you posted to help illustrate some options


    In my opinion, the up lighting approach would be ideal for avoiding any unnecessary drilling into this historic, beautiful home.

    You already mentioned having up lighting on the columns - this is definitely a great approach, you could maybe update these lights on the columns when purchasing the other pieces of your system. In-ground fixtures would be ideal for concealing the light sources and minimizing the chances of the lights being a tripping hazard in that large paved walking area up front.

    If there are gutters already, or gutters being added with the renovations, you could use a brass gutter mount kit to safely illuminate the cupola from a distance.

    For the open spaces between the windows, either a Round Wall Wash or our Gentle Splash Flood Light/Wall Wash could look beautiful. The Gentle Splash would give you some flexibility to play with the light output as desired with the interchangeable lenses that are included (frosted, louvered, or clear).

    Path lights (marked in blue) staggered across the front walk way (potentially driveway as well) would provide ideal area illumination for the front of the home. We have many styles to choose from - our classic path light styles are most popular.

    Illuminating natural features is always complementary to illuminating the architecture of the home - the large trees circling the home could also look very beautiful illuminated at night. A natural moonlighting effect from downlighting always looks beautiful, but an easier approach would be PAR36 in-ground well lights (marked in green).

    These are just some basic recommendations for placement. If you wanted more precise fixture recommendations when you narrowed down your design, we can certainly help with that - we have live experts available via telephone 7 days a week as well if you ever wanted immediate assistance! (813) 978-3700