One long run or two separate runs

Discussion in 'Ask' started by striperseeker, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. striperseeker

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    Jul 23, 2020
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    I have a paver patio with a walk way to a pool. I have a pipe under the walkway. Is it better to run the main wire to each fixture on both sides of the path so I'll have 16 lights on a single 12v tap at transformer or do one 12v run to the left side (7 lights) and one 12v run to the right side (9 lights)? I have the VOLT® Clamp-Connect 300 Watt (12v/15v) Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer with 12/2 wire. TIA
  2. Evan K

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    Jul 27, 2018
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    For illuminating both sides of a walkway, with 25' lead wires, you could consider a junction hub on either side - this would mean two main lines from the transformer (one to each hub) then easily clamping in the path light lead wires directly in the hubs. This method could minimize cutting and splicing and give you two convenient points for troubleshooting or expansion if needed in the future.

    Another option, if easier for your specific setup, would be to have two main runs from the transformer running down either side of the walkway and daisy-chaining fixtures as needed at the desired points.

    Each method has its pros & cons really:

    • The hub method may involve a bit more planning of the wiring layout, and longer lead wires may cost a bit more, but the installation and future troubleshooting or expansion can be much easier overall.
    • The direct-splice method is a more direct plan; run wire, make connections. More wire and more connectors may equal costs compared to paying for longer lead wires. Troubleshooting in the future may involve digging up wire connections.