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    What's the best way to light a flag?
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    Jun 28, 2016
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    Thanks for the question. Many people don't know that U.S. law requires all US flags to be illuminated if they continue to fly after dark.

    There are a few approaches to flag lighting. I prefer the strategy of attaching 2 spotlights to the flag pole itself - as close to the ground as possible.

    VOLT invented a really nice mounting device just for this purpose - aptly named, the Flag Pole Mount. You use 1 mount for each fixture.
    Since this is an aluminum mount, I suggest using one of VOLT's Aluminum fixtures. You have two choices - the All-Star Aluminum Spotlight with a 7W LED MR16, 38º, 2700K lamp. Or, the integrated LED alternative (no lamp required) - Infiniti 60 G3 Aluminum LED Spotlight with the optional 35º optic.

    Both of the above fixtures provide an extremely bright light for lighting the flag. The beam angles above (38º and 35º) are suitable for a typical 6 ft. flag mounted on a 20 to 30 ft. pole. For taller poles and/or larger flags, refer to the chart at the bottom of our Flag Lighting article.

    Give us a call if you have any questions.

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