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Discussion in 'Ask the Landscape Lighting Experts' started by Chad, Apr 19, 2017.

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  1. Chad

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    Feb 22, 2017
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    For the non-lightning professional it is hard to visualize how certain light fixtures project light. It would be great if Volt had an area set up to show the light fixtures in use/ testing area so shopping on your website for allows for easier fixture selection. It could probably be done in a corner of a room.

    The area could have a testing area that is used for all fixtures of the same type. For example, you could have a spot to test path lights. You could have circles of different diameters so that we could see the light projection on the ground. Each path light was placed in the test location to show the performance and the spread of the light on the ground, this way a shopper could compare multiple fixtures to determine which light works best in a given location.

    I am envisioning more of an engineering type setting with measurements on the ground/ wall to allow shoppers to visualize your products in operation and allow for better comparison between products prior to ordering.
  2. Sparrott4

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    Hi Chad,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We do have our Innovation Lab set up with our walls painted with circles (for path lights) and angle lines (for spot and flood lights). In addition, we have a test instrument called the Goniospectrometer than generates computer plots for similar information. I'm in the process of generating the plots for all our lights.

    Though I see your point that simple photos for comparisons would be good. We'll work on that idea, and see what we can do.

    Thanks again,

    Steve Parrott