Hodge Podge House, Flexible Lighting for Unknown Landscape

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    Aug 19, 2021
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    Help! It was pretty easy to create the backyard plan, but I am SO stumped for the front yard.

    A family member is handicapped so we need a flat surface to get from the car to the front door. We recently had the front yard paved and they actually took off feet of the elevation. (The driveway used to slope down towards the house. Don't ask…. This is New England.)

    Anyhow, we also have four cars parked (everyone living at home trying to save for a house) with a handicapped van and it is a wraparound and steep. The pictures don't show how steep it is to get up very well.

    We also have a neighbor's fence to contend with as well as 7 mature yew trees that I would like to keep. The front yard basically gets little sun as a result, and I'm going to try to put a shade garden, ferns, etc. in there and get rid of the weedy grass.

    We also pulled out everything but a rose bush in the strip right in front of the house so we could make room for the cars and keep the wraparound option.

    So… we have hubs, which I want to utilize to help us take care of any future landscape changes, especially because I don't know what will grow well where and I want to add some natives. Especially for the hell strips in the front of the house.

    Right now, I have

    • 10 brass spotlights with 25 line,
    • 8 path lights with 23 line,
    • a 150 transformer and a 100 transformer, (don't have to use both)
    • and 5 hubs, all for the front yard.

    The last time for the back yard I had a basic plan that I could come up with. For this, I don't. I had them put conduit under the driveway for some electric lines. You can see that where the yellow tape is both under the front door and under the driveway to the front yard middle island of yew trees. There really was only one place to put it due to the wall and rock.

    Most people come up the driveway with the fence because it is less steep and narrow than the other side. Basically the family just uses the narrow steep side.

    Any ideas?

    Should I use spots on the fence line? I'm going to plant 3 foot native plants there, I think, New Jersey Tea, Clustered Mountain Mint, Little Bluestem, etc. All about 3 fee and they die back in winter so we can put snow there.. At the end, at the bottom of the driveway near the light post, I may plant a Rose of Sharon tree that I can keep within bounds.

    I have to upload one more picture in another post because it won't let me upload the Yew Island view from the top.

    So basically, I think I have the following views:

    Front of house
    Yew Island (the middle)
    Street View
    Fence Side
    Steep Side (least important but symmetry?)

    Another thing that complicates stuff is that we don't own the last 10 feet of our driveway on the steep side. We have an easement.

    Not your normal situation, I'm sure.

    Overhead copy.jpg FutureShed copy.jpg FrontLeft copy.jpg FrontRight copy.jpg

    LookingDownDrivewayFenceSide copy.jpg

    FenceSideYewTreeIsland copy.jpg StreetViewFenceLine copy.jpg StreetViewYewTreeIsland copy.jpg StreetViewSteepSide copy.jpg SteepSideLookingDown copy.jpg SteepSideLookingDown copy.jpg
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    Aug 19, 2021
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    And here is the Yew Island from the front door. MiddleYewTreeIsland copy.jpg