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Discussion in 'Ask' started by stevej7, Mar 9, 2020.

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  1. stevej7

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    Mar 9, 2020
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    Hello, I recently purchased the Costco 9 piece path and area light kit to start with and could use some help figuring out lighting placement.

    I would also like to light the tree in front of the walkway.

    There are also 3 trees (not pictured) in the front yard I would like to light that are beyond 25' from where a hub could be easily placed. What would be the best way to reach those trees?

    I'm open to purchasing additional lights where needed. Thanks for the help!

    house1.png house2.png
  2. Evan Kruk

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    Jul 27, 2018
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    Beautiful home! I'd be happy to offer some suggestions.

    I attached a photo to help illustrate. With the 6 spotlights from the kit, I'd likely target the 6 areas designated in yellow. Then, when/if purchasing more I'd try to target the areas in green (not buying a pre-bundled kit, this would allow for buying bulbs with narrower beam spreads for those more narrow applications as well). I think you have ideal placement for the path lights already.

    I myself always like to make recommendations for second-story lighting granted bedrooms aren't suffering from light intrusion during the night. So, I'd personally likely not place any lights on the upper-left side of the house (this is of course preferential). Accenting peaks always looks great because it highlights the architecture and gives life to the second story but, I can't tell from the photo if there are gutters on the front sides of those forward-facing overhangs. Without gutters and gutter mounts, surface mounts have been used for second story applications, granted the drilling is done properly to where it doesn't compromise anything (main concern being leaks). If you're not really looking for second-story illumination, you could just relocate those 2 up top; possibly one to that small tree/shrub near the garage light and the other where you see fit.

    From what you described, it may be easier to run a single strand of cable which passes by each of those 3 trees for a single main run to connect to, or running 3 main runs to each of the trees. It would really depend on the distance & obstacles between each how easy this would be. Depending on the sizes of the trees, you may need to bump up the wattages of the bulbs - the 5W bulbs in the Costco kit would be ideal for some of the more averaged sized trees pictured.

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