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Discussion in 'Ask the Landscape Lighting Experts' started by administrator, Aug 29, 2016.

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    Thank you for visiting the VOLT Lighting Community Forums. This is a place where forum members can ask questions, share ideas, and learn about lighting. Responses come from professionals, VOLT® experts, and fellow lighting enthusiasts.

    Just a few guidelines and rules so we can have vibrant and civil discussions.
    • Limit your discussions to lighting topics
    • This forum is a place to promote the VOLT community and to welcome others with their questions and comments. It is not a place to promote the products and services of other companies.
    • Criticism is fine, just make it constructive and respectful.
    • Please do not discuss prices or other confidential matters.
    • Finally - profanity, insults, and other obnoxious or illegal behavior is not allowed.
    All are welcome to view posts and threads. But to create (or reply to) posts, you need to register and be approved. We do this to keep the forum free of spam and trolls.

    Thank you again. For comments and questions about the forum, please contact the Forum Administrator.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.