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  1. Lumiscape
    Lumiscape KL Watt
    Yes, it's pretty easy. Get a single pole switch and a box from HD. Cut one of the wires and hook the ends up on either side of the switch. I put a bright downlight over a BBQ grill in an outdoor cabana. When dinner was ready the customer could turn off the light.
  2. KL Watt
    KL Watt
    Is it possible to install a switch between the transformer and lights for more specific control??
  3. Joe Noonan
    Joe Noonan
    Planning to light up a pavilion. It has redwood covered posts. Using up/down sconce but concerned wiring exposed. Any suggestions.
  4. Jason Miller
    Jason Miller
    Hello everyone New to the forums. My patio job has not started yet.
  5. William Freitag
    William Freitag
    I used the Volt filters on my Infiniti G series to add a holiday flair to my house. It literally took 10 minutes. Highly recommended
  6. Tony
    Hi everyone. New to the forum and to low voltage lighting. Eager to learn before I mess up
  7. Sparrott4
    Sparrott4 Heatman
  8. hightechhelper
    I'm an engineer. I do precision guesswork based on questionable data from unreliable sources. Motto; "If I can't fix it... it isn't broken".
  9. Heatman
    So are Volt lights worth the money?
  10. Glen
    Ready to design and install a lighting solution custom fit for you!
  11. Lorenzo