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  1. Lee
    What size 12 volt system transformer do I need to support up to approximately 30 lights?
    1. Evan Kruk
      Evan Kruk
      Hey there Lee,

      The size of the transformer you'd need would ultimately be dependent on the total combined wattage of all the LED lights you will use. With that amount of lights, you will ATLEAST need a 150W transformer - possibly a 300W depending on the actual power consumption. Also, when deciding, keep in mind that we always recommend no more than 80% of a unit's maximum capacity be consumed as well.
      Sep 3, 2019
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  2. Evan Kruk
    Evan Kruk David DiTullio
    Hey David,

    I'm going to go ahead and direct message you through 'conversations' so that I can fit more characters in my response (the profile posts are different from private conversations or public forum posts). Also, for the best feedback, its usually best to post in the main area of the forum and maybe attach a single photo of your house from a distance!
  3. David DiTullio
    David DiTullio
    also will a 150 watt slim line transformer accommodate 6 well/spot lights and 6 (6in) hardscape wall lights?
  4. David DiTullio
    David DiTullio
    Want to do lighting project around pool. One side of pool has all natural stone rocks. I was thinking either well lights or Fat Boy spots?
  5. David DiTullio
  6. Evan Kruk
    Evan Kruk Stephen Massa
    A low-profile option would be (2) Salty Dog Integrated Well Lights. Exactly what to use and how to use it really depends on the effect you are trying to achieve and your personal budget. If you had any further product or installation related questions be sure to let me know! (2/2)
  7. Evan Kruk
    Evan Kruk Stephen Massa
    Hey Stephen,

    With a tree of that size, for lighting from the base, you could consider using one Infiniti 60 spotlight on either side of the trunk (the 3rd generation offers slightly higher lumen output but, the G4s could also work). You could also consider using (2) 12V 10W LED floodlights at the base; the powerful, widespread light outputs would do well to illuminate both the trunk and the wide canopy. (1/2)
  8. Stephen Massa
    Stephen Massa
    How to best uplight a35 foot wide 25 ft high cherry tree
  9. Evan Kruk
    Evan Kruk MikeKaren
    If you need more help troubleshooting, please let me know! Or, if you ultimately determine what the issue is, be sure to call in to our support team so that we can quickly get you taken care of! (3/3)
  10. Evan Kruk
    Evan Kruk MikeKaren
    Be sure to double check the wire connections on these lights, and check the voltage readings if possible (with your voltmeter set to AC for alternating current you should get anywhere from 11-15V). If the connections and voltage readings check out fine, I would then recommend swapping out a light bulb from a working fixture if possible to determine if it is either your light bulbs or the fixtures themselves. (2/3)
  11. Evan Kruk
    Evan Kruk MikeKaren
    Hey Mike,

    I'm sorry for any troubles that you may be experiencing with your system. I myself am more than happy to help troubleshoot or, you could also contact our customer support line directly if you would prefer to speak over the telephone.

    If the lights which aren't working are all on the same wire run, it may be the result of a faulty connection, damaged wire, or a lack of power. (1/3)
  12. MikeKaren
    2 lights work, 6 don't. Same Transformer. What's up?
  13. Evan Kruk
    Evan Kruk Ryan Hutchinson
    Hey Ryan,

    For runs up to 250-feet, we would recommend using 10-gauge (10/2). If you think you may exceed the 250 threshold, then we would recommend using (8/2). If trying to use 12/2 at that distance, you are likely to experience voltage loss on the run.
  14. Ryan Hutchinson
    Ryan Hutchinson
    Longest run of 12/2 wire from 300W transformer to last fixture will roughly be 250'. will this be too long of run?
  15. Evan Kruk
    Evan Kruk Steve Segadelli
    Hello Steve,

    Given the standard Inside Diameter of 3/4" PVC conduit, you should indeed be able to fit two strands of 10/2 cable for running under your driveway.
  16. Steve Segadelli
    Steve Segadelli
    Can a 3/4" PVC pipe (under my driveway) accommodate two 10-2 wires for separate runs?
  17. Lumiscape
    Lumiscape KL Watt
    Yes, it's pretty easy. Get a single pole switch and a box from HD. Cut one of the wires and hook the ends up on either side of the switch. I put a bright downlight over a BBQ grill in an outdoor cabana. When dinner was ready the customer could turn off the light.
  18. KL Watt
    KL Watt
    Is it possible to install a switch between the transformer and lights for more specific control??
  19. Joe Noonan
    Joe Noonan
    Planning to light up a pavilion. It has redwood covered posts. Using up/down sconce but concerned wiring exposed. Any suggestions.
  20. Jason Miller
    Jason Miller
    Hello everyone New to the forums. My patio job has not started yet.