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  1. Patrick
    Patrick Mesodude2
    Hey Mesodude2,

    You have any suggestions on the Arborvitae post?

  2. jmar
    Can someone recommend best way to light up a long hedge of 30' white pine trees?
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    2. Lighting Shade
      Lighting Shade
      To effectively illuminate a long hedge of 30' white pine trees, consider key factors such as your lighting goals and choice of fixtures. Opt for energy-efficient LED lights, particularly warm white ones for an elegant ambiance. Employ various techniques, including uplighting, downlighting, or string lights, based on your desired effect.
      Sep 3, 2023
  3. Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis
    I installed Volt kit w/ 100w XFMR with (6) spot lights and everything worked perfectly for about 3 weeks. Last night i noticed the lights di
  4. Rene Lovato
    Rene Lovato
    MY lights were working fine. They install a watering system now they do notwork. What can cause my lights toio not not.
  5. Excal190
    Excal190 John Berkett
    Hi John I have Ranch like yours and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions
  6. yardlite
    Hello...Im in dire need for help with lamp placement. Im an electrician, however for the life of me cannot see placement
  7. Scott C
    Scott C
    I need a SIMPLE transformer that will plug into a smart plug. No need for any timer or sensors. Only see timers and sensors.
  8. Sussex Lighting Repairs
    Sussex Lighting Repairs
    Light fixture repair
  9. JerryK
    What is the best spotlight for lighting a flag at the top of a 25 foot pole
  10. JerryK
    best fixture for flagpole lighting
  11. Sussex Lighting
    Sussex Lighting
    Low voltage lighting
  12. coorti
    Let it light!
  13. DJJ
    Looking for the best uplight for a large 50-60 foot tall triple clump white birch in my front yard. Light, watts, beam angle, transformer?
  14. Cesar San Pedro
    Cesar San Pedro
    I would like some advise on my lighting layout. Can you send you a file for review?
    1. Evan K
      Evan K
      Hey Cesar,

      Please feel free to create a post in the 'Ask' section of this forum and attach images! This will be the best way to receive feedback from an admin or other homeowners.
      Mar 23, 2022
  15. Fred Hofstetter
    Fred Hofstetter
    Does Volt have user’s instructions for transformers available for download on their site?
    1. Evan K
      Evan K
      Hey Fred,

      A downloadable installation guide and spec sheet is available on the product page of the transforme you're looking at.

      We also include detailed installation instructions in the packaging you'll receive.
      Mar 23, 2022
  16. Mongojerry
    Best way to save photos for posting?
    1. Evan K
      Evan K
      I myself will typically open a picture, then take a screenshot with the Snipping Tool. You can also resize it using the paint program, and/or upload the image to a free online image compressor to shrink the size of the file.
      Dec 27, 2021
  17. Evan K
    Evan K Domenick J Dellino
    Hey Domenick,

    It's usually best to post in the 'Ask' or 'Share' sections for the best and quickest feedback.

    But to answer your question - that low-voltage LED fixture, and most in general, have a wider input voltage range than just 12V; it can typically vary anywhere from 11-16V really depending on the actual LED. 15V is a safe input voltage for that fixture.
  18. Evan K
    Evan K Steven M27
  19. Steven M27
    Steven M27
    Please assist with light placement?
  20. Domenick J Dellino
    Domenick J Dellino
    can i connect my AZAL-SPKIT1 (12v) lights to my 100W transformer (it seems to have only 15v connectors)?